Do you like to make a new experience with deep & fresh culture? well, you can watch “LISTEK”

Listek is a documentary movie about Iranian Kurmanj (kurmanj-kurdish) people’s culture and their dance. kurmanjes live in many countries such as IRAN, IRAQ ,TURKEY, SYRIA & ARMENIA. On Safavi period they came to khurasan (northeast of Iran) from far distances to protect Iran’s north-east borders against rebellions and invaders.Kurmanji dance has 7 steps(up to 12) and each step has some stories. Music of this dance is Very happy and bouncy. Listek means “DANCE” in Kurmanji language.

 Movie Location is a field between Bojnourd & Shirvan in northeast of Iran that named “GOLIL”.

لیستک هالیوود


The listek movie is running in the film festivals now. Listek has been officially selected at the following festivals till now.